What’s the most you have ever paid for a Burger? $5 or 10? Well now, Chef Diego Buik has created a Burger priced at £1,785.The sumptuous sandwich consists of a Japanese dry-aged Wagyu, Black Angus beef patty,Oosterschelde lobster infused with Hermit – Dutch Coastal Gin, foie gras, white truffle, Remeker cheese, Japanese fruit tomatoes,cavier,French lettuce, Iberian ham, and a specially-concocted sauce made with 35 lobsters, Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee, Madagascan vanilla, saffron and Japanese soy as well. Well that’s a Burger for lifetime dose, means you could survive on it till you die. Well there is no other way it could cost like 1750 Pounds. Having sold one kidney for iPhone, what duration of time can a man survive on dialysis? And is the Burger worth it?

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